What my clients think

'Thank you so much again! We found it so helpful and it’s definitely made us go away and feel so much more confident about the birth we’re going to have now.' - Leanne & Tim

‘This course is informative, and it has set me up ready for a positive birth. I feel I have the confidence to know what I want and to challenge that if needed. I am now looking forward to the birth and am excited to meet my baby, rather than worrying about the pain or the experience. I feel equipped to deal with whatever is going to happen, even if it doesn’t go to plan, what will be will be, and I’m ready for that.’ - Fiona

'Thanks very much Cherona! I had such a positive experience. I cried when I got my ears pierced so thought I had no chance coping with the pain. I'm so proud of myself' - Lucy

'We both really enjoyed the course and after completing it we felt fully prepared for anything our birth might throw at us. The course removed the mystery and fear surrounding birth and meant we went into the birth relaxed and calm. I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in hypnobirthing but also for anyone who wants to know more about the birth process in general. It really is a full antenatal education!' - Rosie & Drew

'Cherona is incredibly knowledgeable and we left the course feeling really calm and confident and with a range of practical skills we can use before, during and after the birth' - Emma & Tom 

'One of the best choices I made during my pregnancy was this hypnobirthing course. Cherona makes sure the course is informative & still enjoyable and tailored it perfectly to our birth choices. I loved my birth experience (even though it didn’t go exactly to plan!) and I put that down to feeling relaxed and in control thanks to this course!' - Gemma & Paul

'Amazing course, I’m so pleased myself and my husband booked. I had a really happy and calm birth thanks to Cherona!' - Charlotte & Joe

'The course is extremely informative and thorough, Cherona has a wonderful calmness about her and patiently guides you through all of the options available to you during birth as well as introducing you to practical skills to deal with pain and anxiety. I finished the course feeling confident and excited rather than nervous and scared about labour.
I ended up having an emergency c section and didn’t have the birthing plan I envisaged but the breathing skills and the understanding of what options were available to me were invaluable.' - Sian 

'I could see my wife was able to manage her contractions after learning the techniques from the course and I knew how to help her and when. I'd really recommend the course for birth partners. It allowed me to be part of the experience and be of some help & support for my wife. It meant we had our ideal birth' - Jonathon

'Cherona is lovely, passionate and knowledgeable about hypnobirthing. The course is very engaging and covers every aspect with in depth explanations of birthing. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone looking to create a calm and relaxing approach to labour. This course removes any fear or worries you may have.' - Hannah

'I was so happy to have the birth that was our ideal, given we are in a pandemic. I feel that without the hypnobirthing course I would have felt more alone and more led by the staff into what I needed to do. I knew all the decisions and the choices I had available were well informed. It made the birth a very relaxing and I'm proud to say enjoyable experience' - Charlotte

'The midwife that was with us throughout commented on how well I maintained my breathing, so that's all credit to you and I really do think that helped me stay focused. I was so chuffed to deliver without any major interventions and to be told at the end I didn't tear!' - Hannah

'We loved the course. Being  my 2nd pregnancy, I was quite nervous about birth and I really wanted a more positive mindset this time. Taking this course has really made
me look forward to giving birth again. ' - Paris & Danny

'The course exceeded expectations, I thoroughly enjoyed the pace of the sessions, the
relaxed approach so that I could ask questions. Although my birthing journey did not go quite as planned due to Pre-Eclampsia, I 100% felt more equipped to deal with it. More knowledgeable about options and likely paths. Cherona is an amazing teacher who goes above and beyond. Not only were the classes relaxed and fun, but she continues her interest and support after birth.
She listened to me at a time when I really needed help, and was a key part of my recovery. For this I cannot thank her enough.' - Helen